katedra klasické filologie

Univerzita Palackého v Olomouci


If we do not mention the apparent presence of Latin and Greek languages at the old Jesuit University, classical studies began their history in 1946 together with the restoration of Olomouc University, which has carried the name Palacky University since then. By merging related fields of study, the department of classical philology and complementary philological sciences was created. The department was represented by figures such as Professor Karel Janacek who lectured on classical philology and comparative linguistics, Professor Julie Novakova whose field of study was ancient history and Roman literature, or senior lecturer Oldrich Pelikan who dealt with classical archeology. The contemporary Department of Classical Philology, Philosophical Faculty UP was established on 11 February 1992 when its constitutive meeting was gathered to agree on the concept of teaching at the newly formed department, its staff and outline perspectives of its progress as an independent department and an integral part of Philosophical Faculty. Classical studies were restored at UP after a long pause which was caused by the closure the programme in 1961. The initiator of the restoration of classical philology was a permanent member of the Department of History of the Philosophical Faculty UP, senior lecturer Stanislav Sedlacek who, even in unfavourable times, maintained the continuity of the subject by giving lectures on ancient history. Plans for the future department were also supported by employees of Masaryk University in Brno – Professor Antonin Bartonek, Professor Jana Nechutova and later also Professor Radislav Hošek, who contributed with their rich pedagogical experience to create programme plans and to organize lectures.