Univerzita Palackého v Olomouci


The department focuses on studies in Latin philology from Classical Antiquity to the era of humanism and on sciences concerning Classical Antiquity (ancient literature, arts, history). Attention is also paid to ancient traditions in Czech culture.

The department members, apart from professional lecturing, also participate in courses for students of other fields of study. Within the Philosophical Faculty, these are mainly departments of history, Czech studies, musicology, theory and history of arts.

Aside from the usual scientific research activities in the field of classical philology, members of the department also deal with other professional tasks within their field – translation (literary and expert translations including court-appointed translations), membership of bodies of editors (Listy filologické – Philological Epistles, Auriga), boards of the field (FF MU, FSS MU), cooperation with professional associations of teachers of classical languages within the Czech Republic and abroad (ALFA – Association of Teachers of Classical Languages, Euroclassica), consulting activities (e.g. in the sphere of medical terminology – Medling, Ltd., translation of Latin texts of official and legal nature – Aback linguistic consulting, Ltd.). In cooperation with the National Institute for Children and Youth at the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports CR, members of the department participate in organizing and creating competition tasks for secondary-school Olympic Games in the Latin language, Certamen Latinum, which is the fourth largest linguistic competition for secondary school students in the Czech Republic.